​​​​​Creative Medicine Healing Through Words

Creative Medicine: Healing Through Words (CMHTW) is an expressive writing program developed by Ronnie Sidney II and Cleveland Winfield III. Evidence demonstrates that expressive writing interventions can decrease depression and anxiety, improve overall cognitive functioning, alleviate anger, reduce stress and improve biological health in a variety of. The program uses expressive writing, poetry therapy, positive psychology, dialogue and self-reflection to help participants enhance functioning. Workshops are offered to adolescent and adult populations.

Self-Publishing and Social Justice

Sidney will explore his self-publishing journey and share tips with participants. ​The workshop will examine the intersection of gender and race in graphic novels. Graphic novels offer well-written and exciting stories, new points of view and stimulating artwork. They appeal to a wide audience of readers and are great platforms to address social issues that confront children today. 

Families Do Time, Too

This workshop explores challenges incarcerated parents and children of incarcerated parents face. It also explores positive outcomes of father-child relationships and gives incarcerated fathers some tips on how to strengthen their fatherhood skills. 

Using Graphic Novels to Increase Literacy and Emotional Health Skills

​The professional workshop begins with a book reading. Participants will then present in individual and group activities around themes in the book. Participants will be given tools they can use to engage emergent, reluctant or struggling readers. 

The Journey From a Kid With Learning and Attention Issues to a Best-Selling Author

While enrolled in Essex County Public Schools, Ronnie Sidney, II spent seven years in special
education. He was diagnosed as learning disabled and learning and attention issues were ADHD and Dysgraphia. The presentation will guide you through Ronnie’s early academic experiences, exploring how
resilience, along with some very special people, helped him break barriers. 

A Story of Resilience: Beating the Odds

This interactive journey is designed to give a glimpse into the real-life experiences of Ronnie Sidney, II, LCSW. In 2015, Sidney released Amazon best-seller "Nelson Beats the Odds", a semiautobiographical comic book about a young man who struggles with the shame of being placed in special education. The presentation will give participants a glimpse into Ronnie Sidney's academic journey. The presenter will share how resilience and championing helped him beat the odds. He will also present information parents and educators can use to help support youth with learning and attention issues. 

Helping our most Vulnerable Youth Beat the Odds

The presentation takes participants on an emotional ride through Nelson Beats the Odds, Tameka's New Dress, and Rest in Peace RaShawn. These three critically acclaimed graphic novels help teachers and young adults explore disabilities, trauma, race, and policing in a sensitive, easy-to-understand format. Sidney will use the stories to help participants better understand the role disabilities and trauma plays in young people’s lives. The presentation will give parents and educators tools they can use to help our most vulnerable youth maximize their potential. 


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