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Rest in Peace RaShawn was nominated for the Richmond Public Library's 2018 YAVA Award for excellence in writing for readers at the middle and high school level by a Virginia author. 

​2018 Young Adult Virginia Author Award

Rest in Peace RaShawn was selected for the Recommended Book List for the 2018 In The Margins Book Award. The books selected by committee best fiction and non-fiction titles (Pre-K through adult) of high-interest appeal to youth ages 9-21 living in poverty, on the streets, or in custody, with a preference for marginalized books.


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Guided Reading Level Grade Level:Z+

Interest Level By Grade: 8 and up 

Grade Level Equivalent: ​High School-Adult

Educational Description: Book 3: Nelson Beats the Odds series, Realistic fiction; graphic/comic format, Questions and answers based on real interviews. 

Story elements: Setting, plot and character development, problem and solution, cause and effect relationships, Illustrations enhance meaning and tone: dark. 

Themes and ideas: Social issues; racial diversity/ inequality, street violence; gangs, police involved shootings, loss, community. 

Book Summary: "Rest in Peace RaShawn" is more than the story of an accidental shooting. It's the vivid story of a young man's life snuffed out too soon by police bullets – a narrative that, sadly, has become all too familiar in America.

The author, Ronnie Sidney, II, LCSW, captures the emotional upheaval suffered by families and communities nationwide following the sudden, violent demise of black men. He presents the violence and suffering in a sensitive, easy-to-understand and age-appropriate format for kids. This book is a good way to broach the painful but necessary conversations families across the nation are having with their children, and provides thoughtful discussion points on how to heal the legacy of distrust between African- American communities and the police who are supposed to protect them.


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Awards and Honors 

A narrative that, sadly, has become all too familiar in America.

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A narrative that, sadly, has become all too familiar in America.