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Educators Guide to the Nelson Beats the Odds Series

A narrative that, sadly, has become all too familiar in America.

Book Summary: The Nelson Beats the Odds Activity Guide gives youth a colorful way to express their creativity. It includes easy and engaging activities to help students improve literacy and critical thinking skills. Students build critical thinking skills by completing puzzles, quizzes and discussion questions about the graphic novel. Youth can add their own personal touch to illustrations from Rest in Peace RaShawn, Nelson Beats the Odds, and Tameka’s New Dress. Rest in Peace RaShawn completes a series of quality young adult literature by Ronnie Sidney, II, LCSW and Traci Van Wagoner. The Nelson Beats the Odds Series inspires confidence in children and encourage a fondness for reading and a heightened level of social awareness. If you’re looking for an awesome digital experience, download our free “Nelson Beats The Odds Comic Creator” app for your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Our app gives young people an opportunity to place themselves in our books and read them free of charge. Please visit http://www.nelsonbeatstheodds.com for more information.Type your paragraph here.