"In life there are many challenges that are faced, not only as adults, but children go through challenges also. There are simple challenges, such as, what will I wear to school today or I hope I like what is being served for lunch. Then there are bigger challenges, such as, if I do not pass this SOL test will I graduate high school or if my mother does not get paid this week, where will the money come from for dinner? How one deals with these obstacles, regardless of how big or small, is the real challenge. As a young adult I have faced many challenges and have beat the odds because the odds beating me will never be an option."

Erikah, 18

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"I never understood the  concept of war, not until I was old enough. I was six years old when the second Civil war started in Liberia. I did not comprehend why people were killing each other. All I knew was that our country was not safe and we had to stay inside until it was over. My mother and a few of our neighbors had to flee their "safe haven" when the conditions worsened and during the evacuation process she was stopped by an armed rebel. The feeling I recall was not fear of the armed rebel, it was the fear of not knowing how the situation would end. Fortunately for us, nobody was injured and we kept on our journey. This experience has made me a sympathetic person and has given me a greater appreciation for human life."People did not care what I was or had been going though, their only concern was that I did not keep with the latest fashion trend, or enunciate words like them. With all the challenges at home, as well as school, my determination to rise above the odds became stronger."

Brenda, 18

"Life has thrown me many curve balls at a young age and I have managed to get by and make the most out of them all. One obstacle that I faced I feel that no child should ever have to go through.  I lost my father at the age of 12 and that is definitely one thing that I thought I would never get over.  He was not only my father, but also my friend.  There were days when I did not understand what was going on or why it even happened.  I even wondered why God had to take my father from me after spending only a short period of time with him.  I know I was wrong for questioning it, but I was so confused and so hurt by this tragedy."

Shelly, 17